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The core principles and design considerations for the Lab are established. We are now formalising key partnerships and legal/institutional arrangements. If the vision for the lab resonates with you, we need your help, and we want to hear from you.

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Why a hub?

Localising different researchers and projects in one place will facilitate a critical mass of collaboration that will benefit and accelerate the lab to become a centre of excellence with world class outputs. The lab will produce people with valuable skill sets who can work between policy, private sector, law, technology and ethics. Having a central home where different researchers and practitioners can regularly interact will make a huge difference. By all working within the same network,those involved can constantly test and refine ideas, bring outside perspectives to each other's projects, and push the field much further than can be achieved in isolation. This convergence of different skillsets and mindsets is essential to developing effective digital tools.

The lab will seek out - and is already attracting both researchers and practitioners who can benefit from institutional support, while providing value to the lab’s community and core interests.

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